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  • The Office the Auditor General (OAG) through its five years strategic plan as aligned to NDP4 and Vision 2030 embarked on an external stakeholder survey that was geared towards ensuring quality and satisfactory delivery of services.


  • The OAG embarked on this endeavour by fully involving all its stakeholders: National Assembly, Public Sector Entities (Audit Clients), Professionals & Industry Experts and General Public.


  • It is against this background that we engaged with institutions to conduct a research about their perception of the services provided by OAG during the period 10th of August 2015 to 30th of September 2015.


  • This research was done in the form of a survey questionnaire and was facilitated by a survey team.


  • The office assuresd the anonymity and confidentiality of participants.


  • Responses were received, and the information collected was used to formulate strategies and better measures to improve the impact and value of the oversight function on Public Financial Management.