1. We commit to regular communications with you as customers through meetings, correspondence/reports and information sharing and to provide quality and timely audit service;
  2. We strive to execute our duties within the following guiding Values:
  • Confidentiality and transparency

    We will appropriately protect information, balancing this with the need for transparency and accountability.

  • Independence & Objectivity

    We will strive to be free from circumstances or influences that compromise, or may be seen as compromising, professional judgment, and to act in an impartial and unbiased manner

  • Integrity

    We will act honestly, reliably, in good faith and in the public interest.

  • Professional Behavior

    We will comply with applicable laws, regulations and conventions, and to avoid any conduct that may discredit the OAG.

  • Accountability

    We will strive to comply with legal obligations with regard to our audit mandate and required reporting and will therefore report on the regularity and the efficiency of the use of public funds, including our own actions and activities and the use of our resources.  We will also evaluate the impact of our audits and the head of OAG, member and OAG personnel will be held responsible for their actions.

When You Contact Us

Please provide the following information:

  • Your full name, postal address and telephone and / or fax number and email address.
  • Provide a clear description of your particular concern or requirements.
  • Indicate what kind of response you would expect.
  • Keeping a record of the issue at stake and the person who deals with the issue, as well as the date and the time of the communication can improve our services

If you visit us:

  • We will attend to you within 5 minutes, if you have an appointment.
  • We will respond to your questions immediately.
  • But if we cannot, we will let you know why not and when you can expect an answer from us.

Your views count

  • We continuously strive to improve our standards. To do this, we need to know what kind of service you want;
  • We promise to consider your views when setting our service standards;
  • Inform us if you are not satisfied and are unhappy with our service delivery; and
  • Give us your comments so that we can improve our service.

What we ask of you

The quality of service we can provide to you depends on various issues including input and co-operation we receive.

We therefore request you to:

  • Be honest and timely in providing required information to the Office of the Audit-General.
  • Comply with existing Legislations, Regulations and Procedures.
  • Treat our staff members with the necessary respect and inform us if you are not satisfied.
  • Give us your comments so that we can improve our service.